Effet VORTEX produit par le ventilateur sans pales EXHALE

Effet VORTEX produit par le ventilateur sans pales EXHALE




The patented technology of the exhale fan enables to create a fresh and soothing breeze in every corner of the room.

1) The Exhale fan is almost silent Even at max speed, the sound volume remains very low (40 dB).

2) The Exhale fan takes care of your well being With our Exhale ceiling fan, the whole room air is constantly stirred and in movement. Therefore humidity is removed and moist and bacteria can not develop in a healthy environment.

3) The Exhale fan is an air purifier. As the whole room air is stirred and always remains in movement, our Exhale fans gets rid of bad smells and prevent for them to settle in.

4) 4) The Exhale fan helps you save money. Did you know that it is easier to warm or cool a room whose air is mixed and stirred.
This is due to a De-stratification of the air in the room. Find our more here.

The exhale ceiling fan technology combines energy eficiency with silent operation mode, therefore your electricity costs are reduced. We recommend to let the fan run 24/7 7 days a week to maximize your heating or cooling systems.

5) The Exhale fan is soothingEven at very high speed, our fan does not mess anything in the room (papers, your hair) so you can relax.

6) 6) The Exhale fan is elegant Its spherical design and pure lines, without any apparent screws make it very graphic and trendy and allow it to fit in every environment..

7) 7) The Exhale fan is easy to install The exhale fan is just as easy to install as any other ceiling fan.

Discover how this innovation works !

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